Chimes for Tyler

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“Chimes for Tyler” is a story about a boy with autism named Tyler Doi who loves wind chimes. Tyler has been classified as an autistic savant, and as such, he has an exceptional skill in a very specific area. In Tyler’s case, he can distinguish the sounds of the entire inventory of Woodstock’s chimes. And he can do this all by sound alone, without having to see the chimes.


Woodstock Chimes is based out of Shokan, New York and they are the largest distributors of wind chimes in the world. Each one of their wind chimes is painstakingly tuned to compositions and scales from around the world. They also create “Charitable Chimes”, which raises awareness for and provides financial support to Autism research. It has been our pleasure to meet the great people at Woodstock Chimes as well as the Doi family and we are proud to share their story.


For more information about Woodstock Chimes and the new Chimes for Autism, visit

To learn more about autism and Jamey Wolff’s work, visit


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Woodstock Chimes

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Stephen Panaggio


James Kessel, Kyle Venhousen


Jeremy Kruis

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James Kessel, Stephen Panaggio


Stephen Panaggio


James Kessel


The Music Bed

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Woodstock Chimes, Garry Kvistad, Stacey Bowers, Peggy Daniel, Jillian Lambert


Spring 2015

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