FZ Culture

Feyen Zylstra

Feyen Zylstra (FZ) approached us because they wanted to highlight an initiative they were starting called “FZ Impact,” where all employees were given 8 hours of paid time to volunteer at the organization of their choice each year.

We decided to share the inspiration for “FZ Impact” through interviews with FZ’s CEO and other employees who explained how giving back to the community is part of their DNA. It isn’t about writing a check, but about getting everyone involved to make their communities better.

“FZ Impact” was launched on social media as part of a PR campaign to show how FZ is giving back to its community and was viewed over 10,000 times.

Also, we were trusted to deliver a simple yet effective video, and that collaboration spun off into additional projects. FZ now uses an orientation video we created for all new hires during their orientation, and a social media video that we created for promotion and recruitment has been viewed nearly 30,000 times.

We are proud to partner with this growing company and look forward to future collaboration!

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